Mexico Adventure Guide for Parents (Digital Edition)

Mexico Adventure Guide for Parents (Digital Edition)

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MEXICO Adventure Guide for Parents

As a parent, I noticed there were no resources in the space between independent travel and outdoor activities. As our babies grew, they became less content with museum-hopping and endless churches, and wanted to run around. Our Mexico: Adventure Guide for Parents combines travel and outdoor adventure information -- plus expands on the activities that are naturally family friendly: finding hidden waterfalls, going to the beach, checking out underground caves and cenotes, hiking volcanos and exploring jungles and ancient ruins.

This digital version is the perfect companion to have ready to bring up on your tablet or mobile device as you travel through Mexico with your family.

From cooking classes to ziplines, your non-tourist Mexico Guidebook will include unexpected activities, classes, volunteer ideas, and hikes throughout the beautiful Central American country.

Just to name a few…
-Oaxaca cooking classes
-Animal rescue opportunities in Mazatlan
-Underwater photography class in Cozumel

This title will be available for download this September